Top Five Weird And Amazing Facts About The World

The world is full of interesting, fun, places, facts and things. Here are some interesting and amazing facts, you can keep in your mind for the next time you’re asked. So, read the article till end.

1) Do you know Ants have two stomachs?

Yes, you heard it correct. Ants have two stomachs. One of their stomachs is for holding food for their own consumption, and the second one is to hold food to be shared with other ants.

2) Do you know drinking water stored in Copper vessel a healthy way?

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Drinking water stored in Copper vessel a healthy way. When we store the water overnight in a copper vessel for eight hours or more, few copper ions gets dissolved into the water molecules and kill harmful microbes.

3) Do you know the rare species of Cactus?

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The Creeping Devil is a rare species of cactus that is not only capable of cloning itself to survive, but also of detaching from its major shoot to move through the desert over time.

4) Do you know the most polluted river in the World?

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The Citarum river is known as the most polluted river in the world and is located in West Java, Indonesia. Also, it is largest and longest river in the West Java, Indonesia.

5) Do you know the Zhangjiajiea National Forest Park?

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It's hard to believe that this is planet Earth. This place is Zhangjiajiea National Forest Park, China. In 1982, it was recognised as a China's first national forest park and has an area of 11,900 acres.

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