Top Five Interesting And Unbelievable Facts

The world is full of interesting, fun, places, facts and things. Here are some interesting and amazing facts, you can keep in your mind for the next time you’re asked. So, read the article till end.

1) Who earned crores by selling free water ? 


Selling drinking water by packing it in a bottle is not a big deal in today's time and we are also buying it. But you should also think that water is a free natural resource. It is freely available. Now the person who thought of selling this free thing would be very intelligent, wouldn't it? But the question arises, who was that man? Felice Bisleri, a resident of Italy, first came to this idea in 1965. And then he started Bisleri. It was executed in India by Parle founder Ramesh Chauhan son of Jayantilal Chauhan.

2) Do you know how poisonous this Hemlock Water Dropwort plant ?

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A plant called Hemlock Water Dropwort that grows wild across the island of Sardinia. This Hemlock Water Dropwort plant is very poisonous. If a person dies due to eating this plant, then there is a big smile on his face. The plant's toxins can cause facial muscles to contract, leaving an eerie smile frozen on the face of the corpse.

3) Do you know what color we see when we close our eyes ?

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If we close our eyes or enter total darkness most people see vague grey field usually composed of changing regions of tiny black and white dots. This colour is called the Eigengrau.

4) Do you know how the color of the Statue of Liberty was changed ?

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The Statue of Liberty was made with copper but due to oxidation, it changed to Green. The reason why the Statue of Liberty changed color is that its outer surface is covered with hundreds of thin copper sheets and copper reacts with the air which forms a bright bluish-green colour.

5) Do you know the interesting fact about Maravanthe Beach ?

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Maravanthe Beach, in the small town of Udyavara (34 miles from Udupi, Karnataka) is one of the most visit place in India. It has Arabian Sea on one side and Udyavara River on other.

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