Top Five Weird And Amazing Facts

The world is full of interesting, fun, places, facts and things. Here are some interesting and amazing facts, you can keep in your mind for the next time you’re asked. So, read the article till end.

1) Do you know Fire has no Shadow?

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Fire has no Shadow because it itself is the source of Light. A shadow is a surface area that is less bright than its surroundings because something is partially or completely blocking light from that area.

2) Do you know how poisonous this Boomslang snake is?

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There is a snake, called the boomslang, whose venom causes you to bleed out from every holes on your body. Boomslang venom is a hemotoxin that can lead to major brain and muscle hemorrhage. The most surprising thing is that this poison has the ability to bleed the victim from every possible hole.

3) Do you know which part of the body has no blood supply?

The cornea has a clear outer layer in front of the eye. The cornea helps your eye focus on light so you can see clearly. The cornea is the only part of the human body that does not have a blood supply. It receives oxygen directly from the air.

4) Do you know Sulfhemoglobinemia is a condition which turns blood green?

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Sulfhemoglobinemia a rare condition which alters the sulfur levels in blood, causing it to turn green blood. It is a condition in which hemoglobin is oxidized with sulfur atoms and an abnormal supply of sulfur is present in the blood. When the sulfur atom reaches the hemoglobin, it stops the blood cells from carrying oxygen.

5) Do you know why do people finger nail biting?

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Onychophagia is the clinical name for fingernail biting. It is a common stress-related or nervous habit in children and adults. Mostly, 25-30 percent of children bite nails.

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