What is AI | How AI Actually Works

What is AI ? How AI Actually Works ? 

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Before moving ahead , it  is  also   necessary  for  us to know  how  technology  has  become a very important part of  human   life  in today's time , whether it is our field of work or our  daily needs everywhere we have some form of technology use in some form.

Today if humans were developed so much in the field of technology, then our human brain has the biggest hand in it.  On the strength of this intelligence, humans have invented many invention and not to say that every invention has given a new direction to the life of human beings.  When computers were made, no one thought that we would be able to use anything like AI in future.

But today it is not only a part of our life but also helps a lot in any of our work.  In the last few years, AI Concept was put in front of the world by some scientist of computer science to take technology to a different level.  Its basic objective was to create such a machine or robot  that can solve a problem by thinking like humans.

In this changing form of technology, Artificial Intelligence has been continuously working for a long time, and this technology is being used in many fields, then let us understand What is AI ?  How AI Actually Works ? Advantages / Disadvantages / Application of AI ? 

What is Artificial Intelligence ? 

Artificial intelligence is the field of computer science, the purpose of which is to create computer technology by programming in such a way that it can function like human intelligence. So that such smart machines can be used in the work done by humans, which will reduce the work load and the scope of mistakes will also be reduced.
         Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is a branch of computer science, which is developing machines that can think and behave like humans.  For example, problem solving, think like humans, speech recognition, etc. Over this, there is a plan to create a computer controlled robot or a software that can think as the human mind thinks. Artificial intelligence is perpetually being prepared to make it perfect. 
      Overall Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary concept.  Through which such machines are being made, which can interact with their environment and work wisely on the received data.  That is, if the AI ​​postulation gets stronger in the future, it will be like our friend. 
       AI technology helps in getting solution to a problem like human mind.  The main reason for the development of AI technology was the development of a machine by computer scientists who could think like human intelligence and be able to complete a task better.

History of Artificial Intelligence ? 

1950, the year when Artificial intelligence research started.  Research in the field of AI started with the development of electronic computer and Stored program computer.  Even after this, for many years, no link could be made that a computer could think or function like a human mind. After many years, a discovery that greatly accelerated the early development of AI was made by Norbert Wiener.
           After many research, the person who eventually laid the foundation of Artificial intelligence was the father of AI, John McCarthy.  He was an American scientist and cognitive scientist. The first breakthrough in the field of AI came when a novel program called General Problem solver was created by Newell and Simon in 1957.The LSIP language was created in 1958 by John McCarthy in AI History.  It was soon adopted by many AI researchers and is still in use today.
           AI made a boom in the market due to investment and increasing interest in Artificial Intelligence in the twenty-first century.  Artificial intelligence was implemented to solve many problems in education and industry due to powerful computer hardware.  And the present is in front of you.

How AI Actually Works ? 

This question is similar to the question how does a human brain freact "to any particular situation or incident (or matter of fact, how does it think)? Its actually quite simple,
  • Artificial intelligence is nothing but a algorithm, it can be  anything from finding the best hotel or Google search.
  • That was the software part, coming to hardware, you will require an actual camera for image recognition, or a mic for voice search and yes, a processing system on which you can actually store the algorithm and run it, like a laptop or a PC or evena mobile phone. 
  • So combining all this doesn't mean that you have an Al system up and running.  You still have to train your system  until you get an accurate result.
  • The above step is what can be said as the crux of the whole Al system.  Its called machine learning.
  • Al system has a neural network, this is the place where your input data is stored in pieces, this is the brain of an Al and the process of understanding your Al better here is known as deep learning. 
  • You can actually TEACH an Al by various learning methods like supervised learning, unsupervised learning and lastly reinforced learning.  
  • Al today heavily depends on the data that is feed to it (the algorithm), which later processes it and then helps in the way it was designed to run. 
  • The input sources like sensors etc. are much more mechatronics related so wont write much about them described.
              The way   in  which AI works is very fast.  AI    processes a large amount of data and AI works in the same way as Algorithm is designed. They are programmered to make computers intelligent.  With this, the computer could learn something on its own or give some inputs and process it and teach it.  At present, python programming language is being used the most for AI and machine learning.  R language can also be used in AI. Example:- As soon as we search for something in Google Chrome, it shows us other ways of keywords along with that thing.  It all happens with the help of AI.

Difference between Human and Artificial Intelligence :-

  • Human Intelligence : Human intelligence is defined as the quality of mind.  It has the ability to take experience from past experience, the power to adapt to the situation, deal with ideas and use oneself to get out of the situation.  The energy efficiency of human intelligence is about 25 watts. Humans have the ability to take decisions from past scenarios. Human brain is analog.
  • Artificial Intelligence : The field of AI is focused in designing machines that can impersonate human behavior.  Robots use instructions designed by scientists.  AI is studied and designed by intelligent agent.  AI research uses tools and insights from many fields.  It also overlaps for functions such as robotics central system.  The energy efficiency of AI is 2 watts in a modern machine or learning machine.  It takes a lot of time to teach the system on each responsibility.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence :-

  1. Necessity in daily needs : In the life of today 's race, there is no such region  that  contains non - use of   artificial  intelligence.  Man  uses  smartphone as soon as he wakes up in the morning, which is based on the technique of artificial intelligence. 
  2. In Medical : Today, the use of artificial intelligence is  being  used  most  in the  medical  field all over the world, which is capable of reducing mortality significantly. 
  3. In Agriculture : Artificial intelligence is also being used in agriculture.  AI technology performs research and development to achieve yield and increase crop yield. 
  4. Virtual Personal Assistant : Virtual personal assistants perform our tasks easily and fast.  Currently, there are many personal assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Siri etc. who work with different operating systems. 
  5. Error correction : Using AI technology greatly reduces the chances of human error. We get error-free results. 

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence :-

  1. Robots based on AI technology are working in countries like Japan, China etc.  Because of which robots do many human tasks in less time and efficiently.  But A technology has taken away man's employment, due to which unemployment has increased rapidly in many countries.  
  2. Artificial Intelligence products and services are highly priced.  So it is not easy for everyone to use them.
  3. Work based on artificial intelligence is not "natural", so that their work can be differentiated against the creativity of human beings. 
  4. Man's experience in any work increases based on time.  But on the other hand, without changing the working of the robot, the machine does not have any room for improvement with experience.
  5. Since it is a machine.  Therefore, based on the feelings of a human being, one cannot share the feelings and quality that another person usually expects from another human being.
  6. "Abuse" Yes, if this level of technology goes into the hands of a wrong person, then machines can also cause terrible harm to human species.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence :- 

  1. In Healthcare
  2. In business
  3. In Education
  4. In Finance
  5. In Law
  6. In Manufacturing 

Conclusion :- 

So overall, AI will be able to do anything in future. It will be able to do any work better than humans.

I hope you like our post of What is AI ? How AI Actually works ?

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