#1 What is Hyperloop project? How does it works?

What is Hyperloop project? How does it works? 

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As technology is getting advanced and with time , technology   is   becoming   more  and more  used in every field .  In the same way, due to  the  improvement  of  technology  in transportation, we  are  getting  less  time to move  from  one  place  to  another.  But the event we are going to tell about is currently beyond thinking.  
                 Today we will learn about What is Hyperloop ? How does Hyperloop train works ? What  is  the  need  of  a  hyper loop like concept? Future challenges regarding hyperloop project. What is it like that inside this train that can make you travel faster than airplane. Let's know... 

What is Hyperloop ?

                Hyperloop is a new form of ground traffic currently being developed by many companies . Hyperloop is a technique of transport in which in the absence of air, traveling in a vehicle like pod can travel at speeds ranging from 1000 to 1300 km per hour by creating a vacuum or vacuum-like atmosphere inside large pipes. By creating a vacuum inside the tubes, the air friction is eliminated, allowing the pod to run at high speed. 
             The train or pod inside these tubes is carried forward using levitation (levitation) technique. Under the Levitation technique the train is run over large electric magnets.  In this, the train lifts up slightly due to the effect of magnetic force and moves over the track at high speed . Various companies leading in this technology have proposed the construction of hyperloop on different routes in India .  Eg - Dinclix Groundworks Company has shown interest in the construction of Hyperloop on the Acom Bangalore - Chennai route , on the Delhi - Mumbai route. 
            It is certain that by incorporating this technology in the transport structure, the duration of travel can be reduced considerably.  This will reduce the pressure on the country's busiest railways and airways.

How does hyperloop train work ?  

           Hyperloop trains travel inside a tube.  That is, if you have to go from one city to another city, then a tube will be laid from that city to another city and inside that this train will travel . So the name of the basic principal is Linear Motor .  You must have heard about the common electric motor.  Which has two basic parts . First, the stator that remains static . And second, the rotor that rotates . Now you should understand that the stator is not in the shape of the circle.
                If we open it and spread it straight, then your motor will be called linear motor.  So this is an open stator, it will work like a track.  And the rotor will be replaced by small pods .  That is, there will not be many coaches like the train here, there will be small pods which will travel on the track of the stator.  That is, once the motor is supplied, it rotates in the same way, when the linear motor is supplied, the parts inside it will travel idly inside the parts tube.
           Everything is fine, but the question is, where to get the speed of 700 miles per hour ?  For that, vacuum is created inside the tube.  To make this vacuum more strong, a compressor will be installed at one end of it .  It will continue to vacuum by pulling all the air in the compressor tube.  Due to the vacuum being created, no friction of the air will be felt to the pods and the pods can travel inside the tube at very high speeds.

What is the need of a hyper loop like concept ?

In recent times, the fastest available option is that we have a plane.  Yes, we can easily move from one place to another on the entire planet through the airplane .  But it also has some negative points like it is not affordable for everyone .  Second, due to walking in the air, it is full of risk.  That's why many people prefer the train which runs on the ground.  But the biggest problem in the train is speed.  The train has not achieved much speed yet.  Talking about the fastest train, maglev and bullet train fall in this category.
          But not now...Now a concpet has come about a train which runs inside the vacuum tube and the maximum speed of this train can be 750 miles per hour, i.e about 1300 kilometers per hour.  The concept was first given by Elon Musk in 2012 .  The most exciting thing about this concept is that this concept has been made open source .  That is, different companies are working on this concept.

How will we be able to apply brake? 

To stop the hyperloop train, force will be applied on it from the opposition side.  For which different companies are working in different ways.  As for infrastructure, tubes can only be installed on top of pillars.  For this, too much space will not be required to make too much hyperloop concept a reality.In May 2016, Hyperloop   One   successfully conducted a propulsion open-air test in Las Vegas, where a sled accelerated to 136 mph in 2.2 seconds . 

Challenges regarding hyperloop project in Indian perspective :- 

1. It is a big challenge to finance the project, because it will cost billions of dollars and it will not be possible to run it without providing subsidy in Indian transport system.  
2. The testing of this technology has not been completed completely, so there is still some doubt on safe transportation - there is a large number of passengers in India.  Hyperloop will be able to facilitate only a few people.  Travel time demands height and rapid transport time.
3. India should take further steps according to its capacity and keeping in mind the usefulness of that technology in Indian perspective. 
4. At present the priority of policy makers in India is the development of railway transport based on high speed trains and bullet trains.

Future challenges regarding hyperloop project :-

         There is also some challenge in front of the hyperloop .  The first challenge is that the people sitting inside the hyperloop train will be able to handle so much speed and pressure.  Because whenever the train stops and stops, extreme pressure will come on the pods and what will be the difference on the human body ?  Will the human body withstand it or not ?  It is a challenge right now.  Second, if there is a natural calamity such as a storm or earthquake, then what will happen to the hyperloop ?  Because even a mild shock on a train running at such a high speed can prove to be very harmful . Third, as it is a completely new concept, it will involve a lot of money in its infrastructure, which is not an easy task.

Conclusion :-

Hyperloop is a technique of transport in which in the absence of air, traveling in a vehicle like pod can travel at speeds ranging from 1000 to 1300 kilometers per hour by creating a vacuum or vacuum-like atmosphere inside large pipes.

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